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Building Appspeed Distribution

Posted by on Mar 7, 2009 in Announcements | No Comments

Now that the new Cohort Technology website is up and steaming along, we’ve turned out attention to Cohort’s sister company. Using a similar “look and feel”, we are setting up a new site to showcase Appspeed Distribution’s services and vendors.

Appspeed specialises in virtualisation, virtual desktop infrastructure and network management and security solutions.  Their vendor partners include Virtual Iron, Platespin, SANRAD and Stonesoft for virtualisation solutions. Virtual desktop infrastructure is covered by Quest Software and RES Software, management by RTO Software. Appspeed’s security solutions are provided by Evidian, Kanguru and St Bernard.

Oh yes, we’re starting to understand the language and soon we’ll be using VDI, SAN, virtual infrastructure and application lifecycle in everyday conversation!

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