Mere Jelly

Networking in Mere

A few years ago we identified the need for an informal networking event in Mere. We know that there are a number of freelancers, home workers and small business owners in our area. We wanted to create a forum for this group to get together and share ideas.

We decided to follow the UK Jelly approach. A Jelly suits our needs for a co-working event that is informal in nature and requires no form of payment or subscription (except for the coffee and cake of course!)

If you’re living and working in and around Mere feel free to join us on the last Wednesday of every month. You are welcome to come for the entire morning or just drop in for a short visit. There is no need to book or make a reservation.

The Hillbrush Restaurant has been very good to us. We have access to good wi-fi and plenty of space to accommodate our group. The food and hot drinks available are excellent and attendees often order a breakfast meal.

What is a Jelly?

Jelly is an informal networking morning where freelancers, home workers and business owners bring their laptop or other work and work, chat and collaborate with others.

The ethos of Jelly is to be accessible to all so the venue, wifi and parking are provided FREE of charge, with small charges made for food and drink.

Co-working means meeting up with like-minded people to work together in a different environment, to exchange help and advice, and maybe come up with a new idea to collaborate on.

WordPress Experts

At Sugar we made a bet on WordPress back in version 2. At the time it was just another CMS option out there, without the impact it enjoys years later. We’re thankful to the amazing community that keeps this Open Source project going.

Extending WordPress

WordPress plugins allow us to extend the functionality available. These are a few that we use regularly.