Honour Jewellery believe that completed pieces should be as unique as the person that wears it. Their experienced team of designers and crafts people deliver a range of customisable options, from birthstone necklaces to engraved bracelets.

Honour’s website is more than just a catalogue; it is an attempt to showcase their handcrafted pieces through showcasing the work and the story behind it. Each client story delves into the inspiration behind a unique design, revealing the emotional connection between the jewellery and its wearer. Honour’s team, with their combined years of expertise, seamlessly translates a client’s vision into a tangible piece of art, ensuring every creation is as special as the person who will cherish it.

The Honour Shop showcases a range of ready-to-wear jewellery organised into distinct collections. From Healing Crystals to Family Birthstones, Remembrance Jewellery to the Little Stars theming these are ready to buy, but can still be customised to a clients needs.

Technical Notes

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WordPress Experts

At Sugar we made a bet on WordPress back in version 2. At the time it was just another CMS option out there, without the impact it enjoys years later. We’re thankful to the amazing community that keeps this Open Source project going.

Extending WordPress

WordPress plugins allow us to extend the functionality available. These are a few that we use regularly.