The Southern Chiropody Group is a website that forms the online presence for a group of foot care practitioners based in in the south of the United Kingdom. The association provides networking and educational opportunities for their members in the form of regular meetings held in Southampton.

The Southern Chiropody Group are an association helping foot care practitioners improve their skills and have the opportunity to network with peers. We were given the opportunity during 2020 to redevelop the original site and improve the membership listings.

This website features a membership sign up. This login gives members access to a password protected area and gives them an opportunity to have a listing on the site. The “Find a Practitioner” section allows users to create a listing for their practice and market their services to the area.

With this project we are again making full use of the new WordPress editing engine called Gutenberg. The biggest benefit of the blocks system is allowing editors to have much more control over the page layouts.

Technical Notes

On the technical side the site is built using the Zurb Foundation responsive framework. The main content area is powered by the new WordPress editor called Gutenberg. We’ve used a number of block plugins for enhance the layout including Editor Full Width and Layout Grid (one of our favourites!) Additional functionality is provided by a number of WordPress plugins including Gravity FormsJetpackRestrict ContentMembers and Yoast’s SEO plugin. We appreciate all the work these developers put into this software!

WordPress Experts

At Sugar we made a bet on WordPress back in version 2. At the time it was just another CMS option out there, without the impact it enjoys years later. We’re thankful to the amazing community that keeps this Open Source project going.

Extending WordPress

WordPress plugins allow us to extend the functionality available. These are a few that we use regularly.