Building a specialist travel site

Tennis Holidays is part of the Roger Walker Travel agency and offers tennis themed holidays to a number of top resorts around the world.
Tennis Holidays Website

We recently refreshed the Tennis Holidays site with a new bright design featuring blocks of bright blue, with orange accents.  We think the design works well to show off the photography on the site.  Many of the tennis resorts feature clay courts which work well with the site’s colour scheme.

The site features a number of tennis events and tennis-friendly destinations.  The design makes the most of large, vibrant images to sell the holidays. This is largely enabled by the tiled Jetpack galleries, which always look interesting on the page.  The site features an event calendar which sets out which events are coming up and allows a visitor to do some planning.

Ongoing Work

The ongoing marketing programme for Tennis Holidays is extensive and includes ongoing site optimisation, content development, email campaigns, social media. The Sugar team now take an active interest in Andy Murray’s career, riding the roller coaster that is the professional tour.

Technical Notes

On the technical side the site is built using the Zurb Foundation responsive framework.  Additional heavy lifting is performed by a number of WordPress plugins including Gravity Forms, iThemes Security, Jetpack, Comment Rating Pro, Toolset Types and Yoast’s SEO plugin. We appreciate all the work these developers put into this software!