The Visa Office provide immigration consultant advice and support to corporate clients and private individuals. Their experienced team help anyone wanting to live and work in the UK navigate the convoluted process put in place by the UK Home Office.

We work with the team at The Visa Office to develop and post content for their social accounts. It can be difficult for businesses to find the time to keep up with regular posting. We take the headache out of the process and ensure that your account is growing organically and find potential new contacts related to your industry or service offering.

Besides contributing to the social media content, we’re also working with The Visa Office to develop a number of bio and service videos for use on the website and the social accounts.

WordPress Experts

At Sugar we made a bet on WordPress back in version 2. At the time it was just another CMS option out there, without the impact it enjoys years later. We’re thankful to the amazing community that keeps this Open Source project going.

Extending WordPress

WordPress plugins allow us to extend the functionality available. These are a few that we use regularly.