Design is such a broad term. To most people it means the “look and feel” of a website. How the page is laid out and whether the colours match the company logo. The truth of the matter is a great website starts with a well designed information structure.

At SUGAR we start the process of building a website with these kinds of questions. We try to get under the skin of your business and find the best way to represent your services and products online.


How do you explain what you do to a potential customer? Is it easy for a site visitor to find the product they are interested in? At SUGAR we start the process of building a website with these kinds of questions. We try to get under the skin of your business and find the best way to represent your services and products online.

This initial research will allow us to draw up a Site Plan that represents the site structure and main navigation. From this document we move onto the fun part – visuals!


A visual is a flat graphic that looks like a completed page in the website. During the design stage of the project these visuals enable us to experiment with different layout ideas and designs. Once this work is completed we will have a “look and feel” that fits your business needs.


Once a design is settled on the hard work begins. At SUGAR all sites are built using the latest web technologies and layout techniques. Our sites are built to meet the latest W3C guidelines for accessibility. We employ the latest CSS layout techniques that help to separate styles from content.


Any programming work we carry out will be based on the LAMP Open Source platform with databases built in MySQL and code written in PHP.


Does your website bring you new business? Putting up a site and leaving it to “do its own thing” is not the answer. Sugar’s online marketing services can help to bring new traffic to your website and increase the likelihood of receiving more enquiries.


Optimising for search engine queries has become an important part of developing a successful website. The purpose of optimising a website is to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand what your business does. Many of the steps involved with this process may seem trivial, but the combined effect will be noticeable in the amount of traffic and increased enquiries the site enjoys.  Our SEO services includes Keyword Research, Page Structure, Site Structure and looking at the Site Content.


Writing great content is tough, but it is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Site content needs to perform two functions on a website. The first being the provision of useful information to a potential customer that provides a compelling reason for them to contact your business. The second involves targeting the right keywords in the content so that the individual pages are found on a search engine. We can provide advice on how to create content that fulfills both these criteria.


Back in June 2010 Hitwise demonstrated how important the social media sites had become in the UK. During May 2010 traffic from social media sites in the UK overtook the traffic generated by search engines (Read more on our blog). This milestone signaled the need for businesses in the UK to start taking social media seriously and looking for ways to incorporate social interaction into their marketing strategy.

Through the rise of sites like Facebook people are being empowered to take control of their online experience one connection at a time. This process is changing the way people find and discover services and products. When looking for information people used to trawl the web, now they expect that information to come to them through their network.

Social media is a moving target, but at Sugar we’re actively engaged with clients to find the right strategy for their marketplace.


Pay-per-click campaigns can provide instant traffic. You control where and when your site appears. The budget for your advertising is set by you. Our advice is always to see advertising as a short-term solution. The fact is a search result brought up in the natural results is far more cost-effective. However, with the amount of competition for certain keywords and key phrases a PPC campaign can fill in the gaps left by underdeveloped SEO.


Part of our marketing service includes monthly reports, this will help to measure the performance of the website and whether the work is having the desired result.