Back in June 2010 Hitwise demonstrated how important the social media sites had become in the UK. During May 2010 traffic from social media sites in the UK overtook the traffic generated by search engines (Read more on our blog). This milestone signaled the need for businesses in the UK to start taking social media seriously and looking for ways to incorporate social interaction into their marketing strategy.

Through the rise of sites like Facebook people are being empowered to take control of their online experience one connection at a time. This process is changing the way people find and discover services and products. When looking for information people used to trawl the web, now they expect that information to come to them through their network.

Social media is a moving target, but at Sugar we’re actively engaged with clients to find the right strategy for their marketplace.

Setup a blog

Wordpress IconSetting up a blog as part of your website is a great way to start promoting yourself online. A blog should form the “basecamp” for all the other activities you engage in. At Sugar we use WordPress for blogging and this platform is a fantastic way to start releasing promotions and specialist content on a regular basis.


Facebook IconIt is now impossible for any business to ignore Facebook completely, it is only a matter of time before your business will need to start chasing “Likes” and building “Fans”. Facebook can be a daunting prospect and it’s always useful to have someone to bounce ideas off and try new ways to engage with the Facebook audience.


Twitter IconTrying to describe Twitter to a novice is not the easiest task in the world. The most effective way to understand it’s power is to try the service out. As a user you can post updates, follow others and see their updates in realtime. Tweets have become a window into someone’s day and can take the shape of links, conversations, photos, news or anything else topical.


Linkedin IconUsed correctly Linkedin can be a powerful business-to-business marketing tool. Linkedin have built a rich set of features to make your profile stand out and attract attention. At Sugar we can help you get started with Linkedin and ensure your key people are easy to find.